Magic Triangle on SubConscious Records

Magic Triangle on Subconscious Records

Otto von schirach  has recently returned to present day  earth after having   Traveled  thru out  time  and the  universe to create his latest work Magic triangle . Miami's musical missionary has toiled diligently for  over a decade   exposing  this planet to  the effects of his  alien aided audio creation's on his continued Quest of   musical  Mysticism  and the quest continues  . Otto Von Schirach has introduced Earth to many   memorable   symphonies in the past and Magical Triangle is no exception  .  This Latest album  delivered  to us courtesy of  his   8th  eye  Features 15 songs including The Title Track to the film deathprint    . Conceived during the  great space battle and  shrouded in mystery other tracks on the album where created by  Otto as he  fought so bravely alongside the banana sloth  armed with synths ,  swords and the magic of the triangle .  Travel deeper into the nucleus of Otto's creation and  its sound  becomes more and more  unfamiliar to the ear.    less like traditional  earth  music of the past   , Otto's latest offering  to the alien angels of  the planet audio   has succeeded  in channelling those saints  of sound to father an album    more accurately  described as a collection of  ritualistic extraterrestrial chants . Magic Triangle is  unique to anything otto has produced in the past and is not  likely to  recreated again . Let this serve as warning to the world "Magical Triangle"   has arrived and is available  thru  skinny puppies co founder  Kevin Keys label  SubConscious records.    click   here

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